The Wake Woods – Remedies

Remedies (EP)

1. Pinball
2. Break and Reveal
3. Remedies
4. Aching Thumbs
5. Chasing Lips
6. Chasing Lips (Radio Edit)

Label: Jayfish Records, 2020
Vertrieb: Membran / The Orchard

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The Wake Woods – Blow Up Your Radio (2018)

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Blow Up Your Radio

  1. Mad Dogs On Fire
  2. Blow Up Your Radio
  3. I Can’t Say It
  4. Ships Ain’t Made For Sinking
  5. Songs For A Living
  6. Bad Dreams
  7. The Last Thing I Need (Is The First Thing I Get)
  8. Downtown Daydream
  9. You Won’t Kick Me Out Of The Ring
  10. Out On The Sea
  11. Missed Calls

Label: Jayfish Records, 2018
Vertrieb: Membran. The Orchard

The Wake Woods – Get Outta My Way (2015)

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Get Outta My Way

  1. Get Outta My Way
  2. Coffee, Whiskey, Cigarettes
  3. Can’t You Feel It
  4. Oh La La
  5. Carolina
  6. Sooner Or Later
  7. Go Ahead
  8. All The Plans We Had
  9. What You Gonna Leave It For
  10. Up And Gone Away
  11. Why Do You Love This Man
  12. Home

Jayfish Records 2015